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The closest bike shop is just down the street, and it's notorious among the other LBS owners (and cyclists) as being a total loser. He's one of those ex-hippie 60's types who's 'anti-bike' and caters to the bell-and-basket crowd. Most of the people I see going in there have long gray hair and ride beat-up old bikes. Actual roadies who go in there are treated rudely- one guy I know was even ordered out of the store. The owner just hangs around all day and never seems to do anyathing. and he hasn't ordered new stock since about 1975. No one ever seems to actually buy anything there and I have no idea hwow he stays in business. There is a theory that he uses it as a front for drugs, but apparently he's a lawyer and has quite a bit of money so he probably just uses it as a hobby. It's just weird. Needless to say, no one I know goes there. The shop we actually go to is a bit further away but it's far superior- it's where I bought my GT and my Kona.
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