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Spray Painting Clear Coat onto Powdercoated Frame

Not sure if this is the ideal forum to post this in but here goes.

Now first off I've read every possible thread I can find on spray painting clear coat off bikeforums/internet in general, but it doesn't answer this one question I still have.

Since it's whats locally available and I've read very good things about it, I will be using Dupli-colors automotive wheel clear coat in the spray can. Either that or Duplicolors 'Perfect Match' automotive clear coat, also a spray can.

Now I've read online and was told by local bike shops to let each layer sprayed to dry completely and rub it with a rubbing compound, and repeat about 3 times or so until you get the desired gloss/depth/shine.

My question is on the back of these spray cans it says to apply all coats within an hour and to wait no longer than 10 minutes between coats. Any experienced painters wish to shed some light and say it's ok if I allow each coat to separately dry and be buffed in between?

As far as painting on actual powdercoating, from my research I've read that it's an excellent surface for clear coat to adhere to. Would you agree and do you have anything extra to add to that?

Thank you in advance for any help, it's greatly appreciated.

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