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If you are planning in using a rattlecan like the ones in the hardware store i advice you to do not do it because thats a lacquer and it might eat the powder coating, powder coating it is like a enamel and the paint is not hot, duplicolor is a laquer also and thats a hot paint.

What u can do is this, use u-pol #1 that is clear coat can, it is polyurethane, it will cost you like 15 bucks and u can sand it and polish it next day w/o any problems.


1 find a place that sells car pain and buy a quart of clear coat and the activator with it. Follow the instructions or the paint job could fail. With 1/4 u will have paint like for 500 bikes
2 buy a preval spray gun, this is a spray gun that use a compress air can, the kit is like 10 to 15 bucks, and it comes with a bottle, so basically is just pour the mix into the bottle and spray the bike, done.
3 wait untill next day, sand the runs and problems, polish using your fav polishing compound.
4 Done, super shine.
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