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Originally Posted by Nightshade View Post
You answered your own question, mate. Take their ID card and their credit card while they test ride the bike. If they say no then it's no test ride just like the LBS does.
Problem is, even if I have their credit card, I have no way to charge the card like a business.

Originally Posted by mulveyr View Post
Wow, you guys must live in some, um, great places. I've probably test-ridden dozens of bikes over the years, at many bike shops, and not a single one has ever asked for an ID, even when I've said I'll be back in an hour.

Maybe they think I'm just too fat to get very far. ;-)
Maybe their worry more about their bike being crushed by you than it being stolen

Originally Posted by chandltp View Post
I figure they'll come back for their car. If not, the police can use the license to find the owner. I'd never leave a credit card with a stranger, especially not with my license. That's all that's needed to start using my credit card online.
If they ride the bike away, you can drive their car to chase them.
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