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@Booger1: can you give a link? Unsurprisingly Googling "Canada Goose" really just links you to a lot of down.

@tsl: Endura is Scottish. i like that. it'll make sipping scotch after a winter ride that much more on-target, and the product looks good. Did you buy yours in Rochester?

@fietsbob: i am completely in favor of bright colors. you know how the rain in the PNW settles in and anything grey, green, black, or brown just fades into puddles and streets. i like yellows, fluorescents, and all kinds of fashion faux pas that improve my chance of
not being run over. I know CAT has some good things (and i love their mission), but i really do want a jacket---something i can where everyday, and across all kinds of rides, from commuting to weekend rides (and i think this year a winter ride to the summit of MacKenzie pass on my Nokians, before the snow is too deep).


i think Showerspass makes some good products, but their corporate attitude bothers me enough to wonder, what else is there? I know they're based in Portland, but beyond that they're no different than many other producers in that they use Asian overseas laborers and off-site produced plasticized fabrics. Having a corporate headquarter in Portland just isn't enough.
I mean, Chris King makes they're stuff on-site in PDX, so the premium makes more sense to me (well, for this reason and other reasons i have).

so if the stuff is made elsewhere, then i may as well see who else is making equivalent stuff. i'm happy to see that this thread has brought out a number of viable alternatives (and i'm sure there are more).

as for the Elite 2.0 in particular, it has weathered the last 12 months well enough.
I use mine almost daily, and I’ll feel good if it lasts another year (this is not a fault).

There has been some discoloring of the exterior fabric by the interior lining. at least i think this must be the case because it has occurred on the bottom of the back neck, where nothing touches it (i have short hair, my helmet doesn't touch this area, no packs or bags touch this, and the discoloration is black but not dirty-black, the same as the lining). It doesn’t come out in the wash.

While the design of the jacket is quite good (the vents, the zipper locations, the Napoleon pocket, the cuff and waist tighteners), i've seen these same elements elsewhere. The fabric is absolutely like a bunch of other high-zoot fabrics; and you have the requirement of retreating it with water-proofer (spray-on, launder-in, some other kinds maybe?). Mind you, this same water-proofer can be sprayed on most any other fabric to make it waterproof too (i did a pair of my kids fabric walmart boots to excellent effect), so no, the fabric itself doesn't impress me at all. In fact, if you forget to re-treat it, the jacket will be as effective as a thin porous poly shell (when my jacket was new it retained it waterproofness for about 4 months before beginning to leak; now I need to retreat it roughly every 1.5 months).

And never mind asking about Showerspass' warranty.
I had my LBS call corporate in PDX, and the rep said "it's a case by case basis." For $230ish I'd like to know that it's more than a spoken warranty of case-by-case. I mean, at least have the courtesy to print it out (in case they want to cut and paste it): "We'd rather not say, but if we were forced to say something because you called us, then it's case-by-case." In short, it's a good-enough product, but i think the sum total could be much better.

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