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Originally Posted by MadMan2k
Man, that looks wet there. Nice bike also, seems that pic was before you rode on that trail?

I need a more compact camera that I can bring on rides, then I'll take photos of my local trails.

Actually the bike pic was after. For all the rain we've had, it's not very muddy. The ground is soaking it up quick. The other direction is a bit sloppier

My only problem with the jumps (other than my body and doctors won't allow me to take any) is that whoever built them is cutting down live trees for the wood. This poses a serious ethical problem for me. Do I report it and maybe see these trails closed? Or do I collect the wood for the outdoor fireplace?

The camera is just a cheap Olympus 1.3mp point and shoot. It was free to me so who cares what happens? Good for 4x6 at best really, but can be carried in shorts pockets. I'd prefer a higher mp camera for larger prints... I have a D100 but its a bit much for biking

Most cheap x-mart digital cameras are just fine for biking... Some are even waterproof (a plus).
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