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Originally Posted by Keithm View Post
I did a bike fit through compettitve cyclist and started to get a picture of my poor proportions. I'm 5'10 with a 33" inseam, but my thigh is 23" by itself (from butt to knee cap as described on their site, flat back to the wall). when I pedal, my knee caps literaly reach past my shoulder blades in the drops(my back is flat, not arched). my current bike has a 73.5 deg. seat tube angle and a 55 cm c-c virtual top tube(head tube is also 73.5). the post that comes with my bike, a streampost, is proprietary and can't be swapped for more setback(its at least 15mm anyways). I'm riding a bontrager r saddle, and based on the wing position versus rail position, I don't think changing saddles is going to make much of a difference. my current stem is 100mm, but I dont think Im far enough back, meaning I would need a shorter stem. I don't really want to do that. any ideas on a 72 deg bike with a short top tube? even considered a womans frame figuring on a shorter top tube compared to seat angle, but thats not the case. a 73 or 74 deg frame would work with a very short top tube, 54 tops for a 73, 52 tops for a 74, because a deep offset post will lengthen the top tube. open to suggestions. thanks
er, not poor proportions - great proportions!
lotsa leverage and less useless upper body to drag around...
same story for me, maybe a little more, since I'm about 5'10" 1/2 and almost 34 inseam and almost 24" thigh.
... you're getting to0 wound up in the short torso thing...
long legs (and thigh bones) usually also comes with long arms... also a good thang
which means OK for fairly normal frame Dims.
I ride with 30.3 cm setback from BB to sitzbones - thatz about 6.8 cm saddle nose setback from BB, using a Spec Alias saddle on 56CM Roubaix. I also use a 120 stem. The Roubaix has 73.25 ST angle and a 56.5 TT.
works great for me...
the more lean angle you get to the upper body (to a point- about 45 deg), the further back your hip sockets rotate, relative to the sitzbones.
175 cranks + 30 cm setback just about puts my tibial tuborosity above the pedal spindle.

to my mind, too many riders these days are too balled up on their machines...
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