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Originally Posted by SocialCow View Post
I have seen several threads on average speeds, what I can't seem to find in this forum is... Apart from going for rides, when you get on your bike and go to the store, work and back home, how fast do you normally go I'm not asking for an average speed, I'm asking about the looking down to your speedometer and how fast are you going right under normal conditions.
According to my computer...a Sigma 1606L...which logs not only odometer but time on the bike, my speed is a disappointing 12.6 mph. That's the average for commuting, touring, fast bike riding, mountain biking, etc. over the course of the entire year since January 1, 2010. I've gone faster than that (40 mph+) on downhills but I've gone way slower than that (4 mph) on uphills.*

*Both occurred on the same ride. The big hump in the middle of the map is Talimena Scenic Drive in Arkansas. Nasty bit of road. Took me nearly 3 hours to cover the 14 miles of uphill with a loaded touring bike.
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