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1.25" hitch, bouncy bike rack - any way to avoid that?


I recently got a new car. My old bike rack, a Saris Bones 3, was the strap kind of didn't work well with the new body style.

I though "Finally! I'll get a hitch installed, and a hitch rack, and have a 'real' bike rack".

After some debate, I bought a Saris TRax Pro 4 bike hitch rack. Actually, the first one I ordered was the latest one with the screw-in pin, so I also bought one of the ones that doesn't require tools to take on and off as well.

On both of them, the rack itself is not completely solidly connected to the car - it bounces up and down. This was a huge suprise to me - my rack with straps didn't bounce up and down, why would a hitch rack? But it does.

If I put the rack on my car, put a bike on the outermost bike mount (which fyi is the only way you can actually use the "bike lock" that comes with the rack, with a single bike, so it's not like it wasn't designed to work that way) the bike bounces up and down every time I hit a bump - rather dramatically.

Does anyone know if there's a way to get a hitch-mounted bike rack that connects solidly to the car, and doesn't bounce up and down while you're driving down the road (especially when you got over bumps - at least not more than the car itself bounces).
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