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Originally Posted by jpgroth View Post
So I bought a bike a week ago, first bike since 6th grade, I'm now a junior in college. Anyways it's a road bike, got it for $80. It's a Suteki Track 10. It's my first road bike so I'm trying to get the hang of everything, adjusting and all.

Today while riding up a hill I shifted into a lower gear? Higher/Lower whichever has littler resistance and is easier on the legs uphill. I shifted into the gear and the wire that runs down the frame that's connected to the gearing shifter and the gears snapped. It's the wire that controls the bigger sprocket. Just wondering how I go about fixing something like this. I wrench on my car all the time, so I wanna do it myself.

It connects here to the top of the bike, and the lever closest to us, on the left obviously doesn't have resistance anymore.

And then I need new tires. Trying to figure out which tire is best and where I can the best deal. I'm commuting around a college campus, the roads aren't the greatest.. it's Wisconsin. If someone can point me in the right direction that would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Not to be a bike snob but looking at that bike is just very painful. I would imagine riding it is even more so. I hope you enjoy the sport to get a more ride worthy specimen.
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