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jp - College student, eh? Here's an alternate plan. First, get the bike running again using the above advice. Then, when you go home for Thanksgiving break, tell your parents something along the lines of "Mom/Dad, instead of getting me <whatever boring present your parents usually give you> for Christmas, how about springing for a full tune up for my bike at the local bike shop? It would make my bike so much safer." That way you could get all the new cables and housings and tires and tubes and lube and adjustments that the poor thing really needs, and your parents get the warm fuzzy we like, knowing we did something right for our kid.

Oh, and if you don't already have a helmet, see if they'll spring for that, too. Your head isn't that hard.

ETA: This is what it might've looked like new. Sweet bike!

Demain, on roule!

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