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Originally Posted by simonaway427 View Post
Keep a wrench in your glove box. A big one, not some dinky adjustable wrench. The bigger and stronger it is, the more torque you can apply to the pin - and hence, the less your rack with bounce.

I use an air ratchet on mine - doesn't move an inch.
I used a standard...uh...not sure what it's called, it's one of those "clicky"...socket wrenches? It's not tiny, though it's not huge.

I'm not sure it's possible to tighten it anymore than it is - it's already snug in there, as far as I could get it with the wrench. I'll give it a try and see if I can tighten it more, but the pin just screws into the hitch mount part itself, there's no screw on the other side, not sure there's any way to apply more pressure to it than I already have...
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