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Originally Posted by Lindi View Post
you might check out the wheele surfboard trailer.
Yes! I have a Wheele, slightly different than what's shown on the website. (Mine is an older model, in fact I understood they were out of business.) I don't surf, but use the trailer pretty extensively. It trails well and is low drag - I don't really even notice it. Mine also folds up - there is a hinged break in the middle of the main pole, covered by a sliding metal sleeve when unfolded for use. I've mainly hauled groceries and laundry, and currently use it primarily to haul my backpack to school and back. Here's a picture from a few years back of it full of groceries after a run to the store (click for larger).

The hitch system is great, pretty much can't come off accidentally. The bike-mounted piece is unobtrusive and solidly in place once installed, yet can easily be removed, or swap your whole saddle and stem to another bike and the hitch goes with it.

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