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Originally Posted by moxfyre
So I saw this listing on craigslist that mentioned a Gitane with tubular tires and went to check 'em out. Long story short, I come home with a 56 cm '70s Gitane road bike with Mafac brakes and Simplex everything else (and some nifty cottered cranks). I also got an '80s Shogun 12-speed with a good mix of Shimano Altus and DiaCompe, and Tange Champion No. 5 tubing (how is that stuff?)

Neither of them had tubular tires unfortunately, the owner was a little confused there I guess I'm just a sucker for lugged steel...

I think I will part out the Gitane, since little bits of Simplex and Mafac stuff seem to sell well on eBay, and there's something that just annoys me about this bike, perhaps it's the fact that there are nuts sticking out all over the place and these silly glorified zip ties holding the brake cable onto the top tube. Perhaps someone will dissuade me? As for the Shogun, it would be a real nice beater. Would be nice to have a geared beater in addition to my fixie (here I go rationalizing my addiction).

I'm getting unimaginative... anybody have any good ideas? I already have a perfectissimo touring/commuter bike, a fixie, and a 1990 aluminum road bike. Of course what I REALLY want is a super nice road bike, but instead of saving for it I whittle away my frustration buying old bikes
Two choices here, mate.

One, use the best of the two for a steel road frame base stock built up with all you favorite goodies
cost be damned. It is YOUR bike YOUR way right??

Two, fix the bikes up to donate to needy person.
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