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Originally Posted by sillygolem View Post
I was just getting ready to post a thread on my newly completed Free Spirit 10 speed. I have a bike with similar decals, but several mechanical differences. It isn't lugged, it has an Eagle deraillieur, and the brakes are center pull Dia Compes. It still has the same wing nut-attached wheel and the seat is a similar design with springs. The general layout of the bike are also the same, including the forks. I found a Sears catalog listing for my bike dating from 1975. I haven't gotten it on a scale, but it feels significantly lighter than sewer pipe bikes from the era.

There's also a model given out to salespeople that had Campy grupos. Yes, you heard me right: CAMPY EQUIPPED DEPARTMENT STORE BIKE!

Are these bikes bad? No. They're more low end bike shop than department store, but they carry department store prices. I paid $20 for mine and had it ready to ride with some new tires and brake cables.
True, the one I did was a LOT lighter than a Schwinn of the same era and my son loved riding it until it got sold. The kids got it made, he gets to ride anything in the stable that he can fit on.
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