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Originally Posted by auchencrow View Post
Uri - I take it you're not located in the States, so my extrapolating a price for your market would be without any merit whatsoever.

I can tell you that most people consider the GP to be a decent entry level road bike: Around here, I would say they get about $75 for the usual 1970's example (needing tires cables etc), and up to $175 for a clean, ready to ride specimen.

Personally, I consider the Grand Prix to be a good intermediate level bike - provided that you upgrade to alloy wheels. With that, I like the ride ( I was out on mine this morning) and I like their classic styling as well, so this is a bike I'd recommend to anyone.

Good luck shopping to you !

Thanks again,

However, how much these bikes running in the US? considering the bikes are well maintained and looks good.

250-300 USD sounds pretty expensive nope?
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