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Originally Posted by no-1
i have owned one for about 9 months now and love it...
w/ some slight mods it's a sweet ride.
lifetime warranty on the frame is always nice.
1000$ is a lot though.
In the massed produced arena the "lifetime frame warranty" is a farce in most cases. The Fillmore is a discontuned model. However, It is my opinion that if you have one you will not be able to replace the frame with an actual Fillmore in the future. You will have to settle for something else in the more current year. If there is not an equlivent model.... your, #@%&, well you put in the word. If you read the warranty closely you will see this. That said, There has been some rumor that the LeMond line is going away. The discontinuance of the only ss/fixed model is disconcerting in that most companies are adding a SS and or Fixed/Track bike to their lineup for 06'.
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