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I will give a very specific criticism: In the last picture there are a couple of cracks at the bottom of the leather. I had a B72 that tore there and went right up to the doubler (second piece of leather that bascially followed the shape of the top of the saddle. The problem with your saddle is that from the pictures there is no doubler on that B72 (not sure when they stopped that, but modern B72s don't have doublers; my mid-1960s version does). On my saddle, it was salvageable because the tear stopped at the doubler. I took it to a shoe repair shop and they bonded a patch to the back side of the leather. If your B72 tears, it will go all the way through without a doubler. It is also likely to tear at the nose. I think that is why several people gave negative feedback. I would put it up for something like $5. Still low enough to generate interest and my you may get $30-40 for it.
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