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I have the exact same bike, except mine has a Brooks B15 saddle on it. I bought it from the original owner and it is in almost immaculate condition. I have cleaned it thoroughly, greased everything that needed it and have ridden it about 40 miles so far and I absolutely love it.

It is not the lightest, probably around 32 lbs. if I remember correctly, but it is a quality bike and has an incredibly smooth ride. I used 0000 steel wool on the brakes and chainrings and they are now like new. There is an abrasion on the chainring guard that won't go away, but I took it loose and rotated it so that it isn't as obvious as when it was pointing straight up. I replaced the brake and shifter cables and put donuts on the exposed wires.

I know some will possibly not approve, but I outlined the lugs in white. Personally, I think it rocks! I also found some Kenda whitewalls and they also add to the overall look I think. I'll try to post some pics tomorrow if anyone is interested.
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