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Possibly. THere are a few bottom bracket standards that you might encounter. A mid-end hybrid the the RM probably has an English threaded 68mm wide bottom bracket shell. Almost all road bikes made between the mid 90s and mid 00s also have this setup. THe swap would simply be to remove both c ranks from their bottom brakets, unscrew the bottom brackets from the frame, and screw the bottom brakcet fromt he Jamis into the rocky mountain and re-attach the cranks... then adjust the front derailleur to match the new cranksset. There are a few specialized tools required for this and you can damage your frame if your are careless and cross-thread the BB when you screw it in.

However, in the past few years manufacturers have gone ot oversized cartrige bearings in some high-end bikes... systems like BB30 have become common. If the Jamis has a BB30 bottom bracket or similar then the two bikes are not compatible.
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