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Noise at old (70's)Campy Record Rear Derailleur

I'm getting into the Bottecchia project a bit now. Had to rebuild the front wheel and replace one metal toe clip (clip was busted but I happened to have an unused Christophe in my box of parts); the leather straps are still okay. Clean up went well but the decals have taken a beating over the years; lots of stuff taped and screwed over them like bottle cage clamps. Eventually I wax it up. Repacked the back hub and it spins nice.

There are some very interesting points on the bike where the paint is worn right off... like just ahead of the shifter on the down tube... but this looks like it is from the repetitive movement of the hands. Also under the BB. I real think the bike was loved and ridden hard over miles of roads. Don't know if am going to get into touch ups.

I unwrapped the bar tape -- which broke off in brittle strips as I did. I'm going to go with 'unvintage' cushy black cork tape... nicer on the hands. The front fender came off and will replace if I can get replacement struts.

If I have time, I"ll try to take some more shots

Front Der adjusted nicely.

The back is where I'm getting some issue. Some noise from the rear and it seems to be as the chain passes thru the pulley wheels. They look moderately worn. The sound, during pedalling, is a bump-bump... right at the RD. Is this likely just worn pulley wheels? Or could this also be the chain? Should I just go ahead and do both... OR is RD noise a fact of life with this rig and I'm just spoiled with the new stuff on my FELT? (har har)

I don't want to get too carried away and start spending to much $$ replaceing every dang thing
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