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Bad idea?

I have an 80's Cannondale 12 speed road bike that is definitely a project bike. I got it for next to nothing with the intention of stripping it and rebuilding it as a daily winter beater. The frame, forks, headset, and bars are good, but just about everything else is bent, warped, or otherwise worn out. Now for the bad idea? part of my post. Don't flame me, but I'm going to look a a Denali 21 speed off CL in the morning. Price is cheap. Supposedly it is brand new, still has tags on it. At first I thought that it would have the ****ty grip shifters on it, but the seller claims that it doesn't. Could be that she doesn't know what she's talking about. Anyhow, if it has something besides Revo on it, I'm seriously considering buying it, stripping it, and using the parts on the Cannondale. Or would I be better taking my cash, lighting it on fire, and roasting a marshmallow? Flame on...
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