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Originally Posted by Johnny_Monkey
It's not an issue of politics. These bikes are obviously contravening some existing regulations are therefore illegal. Safety rules are a fact of life. Governments have a responsibility to protect their citizens (to a point at least.)

Additionally in New Zealand you cannot litigate against people or entities as a result of accidents no matter how they were caused.
Ok, but if it is not an issue of politics, why not just skip the part about "In socialist countries like..."? After all, the government type does not bring with it a hard set of laws like "Though shalt not have a mean looking chopper to cruise the streets with because they are more dangerous than a downhill mountainbike is to ride down one of our super steep mountains". Additionally, political statements have a tendency to bring with it some nasty angry replies that have nothing to do with bikes.

To reply to the initial post - as much as it would suck from my point of view, I have no problems with choppers being banned in NZ if they indeed violate existing laws. Every country has its drawbacks.
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