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Nice job on your bike.

A few months back, did some computer work for a fellow. He had a 20" Haro beater bmx in his garage. So that's my project as he gave it to me over Christmas holidays. Basically, needs brakes as in the bike had them and everything was removed from levers on the handlebars and everything in between all the way to the pads and the parts are long gone by now. I am still wrestling with keeping it brakeless for now. I think the previous owner decided to convert from brakes to brakeless?

Anyway, frame is clean, no dents, rust, but whatever coating the metal had is scraped to bare metal in too many spots. As far as rideability, the front wheel hub was loose & sloppy, but fortunately that tightened down and was really just an adjustment that needed to be done and not a worn axle. Also discovered that the rear wheel needs truing, front is close enough to true, but might as well get that done too. A small rip in the seat, but everything seems solid after the initial cleanup. Inspected it for cracks in the frame and welds, there weren't any. The freewheel hub has no issues either, movement is smooth and the bottom bracket is also a smooth operation. It's an eyesore, that may be a good thing, it's uglified without me having to contribute going into this bike ownership. I'm thinking of refurbing it as a economical sale or donation so that perhaps a less fortunate kid can have a solid bike to ride and grow with. That's where the brakes come into the project, to have a clear conscious, I wouldn't flip or give it away unless the parents were going to put brakes on it for their child.

Oops, almost forgot, it doesn't have pegs.

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