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Thanks everyone! This thread has really helped me figure out the date of my Univega Sportour bicycle.

It has the serial number H381533. According to the system that has already been mentioned, this dates my frame to 1979.

Then I looked on the Vintage Trek site to figure out some component codes. ( Most of the components on my bicycle appear to be original, although I have replaced some of them.

-My Dia-Compe brakes (model 5583) have a “0679” stamp. This translates to June of ’79.
-My rear derailleur (Shimano Altus) has a “DH” stamp. This translates to August of ’79.
-My cranks (SR Silstar) have a stamp of an 80 over a 1. I think this is January of ’80.
-My SR seatpost has an “H 79” stamp below. This translates to August of ’79.

Based on this information, it seems pretty clear that my bicycle was sold in 1979 or 1980.

There are a couple of weird things I was curious about, however:

The rear wheel has a six-speed cassette in which the smallest cog is threaded and holds on the rest of the cassette. Also, the rear hub spacing is 120mm. And yes, I am sure it’s a cassette. That would make this wheel a replacement (not original), right?

Also, the BCD (bolt circle diameter) on the chainrings is 118mm. I just checked Sheldon Brown, this is an obsolete SR size. (

Thanks again for the wealth of knowledge presented in this thread!
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