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Originally Posted by wrk101 View Post
OK, I posted this over in the C & V area, picked it up as a donor bike. No headbadge, the only decalling is on the drive side seat stay. So I think that blue color is original. The white is rattlecan.

It has an unusual seat tube lug, rear U brake, components were all Deore LX.

Any ideas? I can take more pics.


The sloped top-tube, cool seat-tube cluster w/ hite-rite tab, and wish-bone stay suggests it's something pretty special. It's from the late 80s I would guess and would have been on the cutting edge of design and spec. For a couple years u-brakes were in fashion and even some high-class boutique builders used them.

check out this 1989 Mountain Goat. Wishbone. Sloping top tube. Hite rite. U-brake.


So what I'm saying is I'll take it off your hands because it's a fully rigid piece of junk.

Seriously though you have something special there. I would guess it's from a smaller boutique builder or possibly even a custom job.
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