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I just found this forum, and it seems like a great resource. I'm wondering if anyone can help me identify the bike I bought today. I searched the archived posts, but I didn't find anything that sounded exactly like this bike.

It's a 10 speed Peugeot, white frame with gold and black decals. The serial number is six digits, I think the first one is a five...(quite gummed up), and it's stamped on the rear left dropout. Mostly Simplex components. Mafac brakes. Lyotard(?) pedals. The front wheel is a Rigida. The rear wheel is an Araya(?), from Japan, I guess... (probably not original?) There is a decal on the tube into which the seatpost is inserted that says "Tube Special Allege". It also says "Record Du Monde" above the logo on the same tube. I know nothing about Peugeot bikes, so maybe they all say this... I don't know...

So, I looked at that px10 site recommended in these forums that says a bit about Peugeot serial numbers. From that, I gather that my bike is from the fifties or sixties, because of the six digit serial number?

Thanks in advance for any info.


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