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How do I undo this mistake?

Hi, bike newbie here, as in N-E-W-B-I-E i.e. don't know squat about bikes. I bought a circa 70's Schwinn Suburban at a garage sale because it looked cook, reminded me of my old bike as a kid, and I wanted something cool to tool around on with my 6 year old. The bike had some rust, not much but some, on the handlebars. The guy selling it whips out this chrome cleaning stuff and sandpaper to show me how easy it is to clean it. Cleaned up a spot in nothing flat and it was GORGEOUS. So, being the go-getter that I am, I do no research, rush home, grab some metal polish and sandpaper and take it to the chrome handlebars. The spot that I experimented on is now scratched to hell (though the rust is gone - haha).

Is there anything I can do to undo my stupidity here? On the upside, the spot I f*ed up is not too huge, but it is noticeable.

Shana in Portland, OR
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