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Originally Posted by GronK
1. How strong is the frame? Is it up to carrying my 200+ (for now ) pounds around town without bend/breaking?
Ron Fanning
I had a Crescent in the mid 70's. It is a Swedish bike that was supposed to be
an equal to mid level Peugeots, Motobecanes, etc if my memory serves me
correctly. It was a 'real' bike store bike, not Western Auto , Pep Boys or any
chain store type stuff. Just about all I can remember about mine and as a testament
to how well it might stand up to abuse, I used to do 1/8th mile long wheelies on it
and ride over jumps and stuff like that.....really abuse it. I wrecked the back wheel
and derailuer when the chain wrapped it around the frame. Then I got what I should have
had in the first place, a BMX bike. Anyway, the frame stayed perfectly straight after
some really serious abuse. As an intelligent and sane adult, I dont think you would ever
have a problem with it.
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