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I absolutley agree with that, in my country I would be comfortable paying about 50 pounds for that bike, maybe a little more if pushed but no more than 75 pounds. That nicely conditioned pump most likely fetches 10 pounds on its own provided it is functionally sound and 5 for the bottle cage.

As a second bike for a bit of a hack without having to worry about expensive components being stripped by theives etc you could do a lot worse. It has a good frame and decent enough wheels and is a comfortable enough ride. I've seen a lot of problems with their in house manufactured brakes however , but a change of cabling and pads might be a small but worthwhile investment (and a possible bartering tool to get 10-15 dollars off the price ?)

Nowt' wrong with a good bit of entry level Raleigh/Hercules.. and this one does indeed look clean and well looked after for its age.

Good luck with the bike if you get it and enjoy riding it.

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