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Originally Posted by Capocaccia View Post
I mean, nice bike and all but you may want to post a picture after the bike is put together. Or do you just rest your chin on the top half of that fork?

Also, why the SRAM conversion? It just doesnt seem to be a very cost effective upgrade in any sense of the words. I mean, I dont get why people want a really really nice crankset? Its only going to spin as fast as you make it no matter if it has RED, Messenger, or anything printed on it. I dont mean to call you out specifically for that but ive seen it done alot. I mean, a steel frame, carbon fork, and pursuit geometry just really leave me confused on where/how this bike is meant to be ridden.
hes having the frameset painted and a headset installed.

the sram conversion was for running a bb30. im not even going to answer the second part with the steel frame+carbon fork/crankset discussion. the answer is pretty obvious.
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