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Originally Posted by WalksOn2Wheels View Post
Speaking of which, do you guys remember when you got your frames done? Maybe uncaboo had his frame done earlier on in Jacob's experience with bicycles or something like that. Did you have any issues with bare spots, apacherider?
I think Jacob did my frame and fork in June 2010, and I have no idea of where he was during his learning curve. From 10 feet away, the frame and fork are gorgeous, but any closer and the non-sterile atmosphere that he operates in is obvious -lots of dust bumps under the paint. Also what is noticeable is the lack of frame prep with regards to any sanding of burrs or high spots. He completely stripped the old paint off, but neither the frame or fork were inspected and then touched up with a little #600 paper before coating. Since I live so far away, I was not able to just pop on over and look at the frame and fork after they were stripped and do any touch-up sanding.

I think he charged me $60 for the frame and $15 or $20 for the fork. He did a great job of masking, but I had to point out the areas to be masked, so I had no trouble with paint where it shouldn't be. My biggest complaint was the missed area at the top tube/seat tube/chain stay junction.

The frame looks gorgeous from 10 feet away...I got what I paid for.
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