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Mikado was a line of Canadian touring bicycles introduced by Procycle in the mid-1990s. However, the OP's bicycle would appear to predate this by a couple of decades, so Procycle may have purchased the rights to the brand name like they did with CCM, Miele and others.

The thing that captured my attention were the alumnium, cotterless cranks. Almost certainly, these are SR Grand Silver cranksets and they were nasty. Offhand, cottered aluminum cranksets may seem like a good idea, but they were flawed in practice. Every time you drove the cotter in, the crank hole enlarged. It only took 3 or 4 bottom bracket overhauls for the hole to become enlarged to the point where the cotter could no longer be sufficiently tightened. If the cotters and hole look new, the bottom bracket has probably never been overhauled. The large chainring is also swaged directly to the crankarm, so you have to buy a new crankset when the teeth wear out, though I don't think any of them ever got to that point, due to the cotter issue. It's a good thing the seller is offering a spare crankset and bottom bracket.

As suggested, it may be a department store brand, though aluminum bars and Dia-Compe brakes sound a bit upscale and more like a brand name bicycle. Certainly, everything still sounds entry level, though the Grand Silver cranksets were orignally found on upper, entry evel models. However, once the problem surfaced, they sold excess stock to whomever would buy them.
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