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I live in the NE. One of the biggest things I've found in tolerating temperature extremes is regular riding. That is, if I've been riding / commuting several days per week, every week, my body adapts as the seasons change and I can tolerate riding in 100 degree weather or 20 degree weather. If I haven't been riding regularly and try either, I don't last long. I still use a Cannondale cycling jacket that I bought around 1984 for winter riding. It has a nylon front and arms and a polypro back. It works better than any other jacket I've tried over the years (I've tried Goretex, e-vent, windpro, etc). They don't breathe as well as my old ratty Cannondale which has just the right combination of wind protection and breathability. All the others cause my sweat to accumulate which soon gets uncomfortable. Wish cannondale still made that jacket. I'd buy several and be set for life!
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