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Originally Posted by TheDazed View Post
I've noticed that these bikes pretty much start to disentegrate around the 1500k mark, and require some extra investment just to get them that far. (new wheels mostly)

I have an ad up on craigslist asking for a "long haul trucker or similar touring bike" and I got a reply from someone with a surly crosschek. I check the surly site and it says right in their description that this is "not a touring bike per se, but will handle lighter touring loads." It looks to me like more of a touring bike than 95% of other road bikes though. Would this be a bad decision on my part to grab this?

There's a catch too, this is part of the email he sent me:
"I don't have any wheels, or a group, but the frame, fork, headset (cane creek), cranks (bontrager double), bottom bracket (pretty generic), a generic post, a choice of old saddles, a 120mm Ritchey Stem, Some 44 wide bars Ritchey or FSA, and some Tektro cantilivers that need new pads are yours for a decent offer. Around $300ish..

Things are in good shape."

I don't know much about parts, maybe someone with a little more experience could tell me if this is a suitable touring bike and how much it would cost me to make it one.

I dunno, I'm just something of a noob, but I dearly love bicycle touring and i trust the folks on this forum more than any retailer or LBS or craigslist guy. (You're not trying to make money off me.)

Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.
the Cross-Check is a suitable touring bike depending on how much you plan to carry. Don't load it rear rack only. Put some weight forward.
My $.02 is that you'll pay out more with the $300 Cross-Check frameset and parts than the BikesDirect or other suitable bikes costing $750. The only reason to get that frameset is if you have 90% of the parts already sitting at home.
Your experience is right on, old bikes with old wheels that were never really trued right and maintained from day one will start breaking spokes with a load. You could have taken any of those old beater bikes and put on good wheels and they'd be fine.
Whatever bike you get make sure the wheels are up for it. I'm guessing the Bikesdirect wheels are machine made and need to have a human go over them before riding much and loading the bike up.
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