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The first time I sent it back was because I had just gotten the bike for Christmas, and BF forgot to put on a computer and shift indicator (they were busy, I was having trouble making up my mind...) Anyway, my lbs, which are a bunch of morons, and there is no other shop in 100 miles, worked on it. The computer didn't work right, they put my polar mount on backwards, they swapped out tires for me, but did it wrong, they couldn't help me with a front derailleur problem (not sure where it came from), they rerouted the cables, figuring they knew better than BF, even though they admitted they had never seen one before, and they told me I just had to expect problems from a folder. They all have problems.

I didn't want to deal with them anymore, so BF offered to pay to ship the bike back, fix it, and return it. As it stands, my lbs won't look at my folder, and I won't bring it in. I don't know where I'll get service for it. Since then, I'll only let the owner work on my full sized bike. I wish we had some options.

So, how about that for service from BF? I just got my rear wheel and stem back, I can't wait to try them! I like the new stem way better than the temporary one.

Actually, I was through a Serotta dealer that I got interested in the bike. I bought my last bike (Trek) from my lbs. I could stand over the frame, so it fit. For the next 1 1/2 years I looked for someone to fit me to my bike. I went with the only credentials I could find, an advanced Serotta fitter, and drove 6 hours away to see her (Kathleen Krumme in Cincinnati, Ohio). She has been amazing. I do triathlons (goal is long distance), and I can't decide whether to dream about a Serotta event bike or a training bike. I can't afford both. No one here (obviously) has a Serotta, so I never see them or talk to anyone with one. What Kathy says has me interested.
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