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Originally Posted by robow View Post
+1 Generally speaking, it always seems to lose a little "magic" the second time around.
I have found the opposite to be true ... I may like an area when I travel through it the first time, but will "fall in love" with an area when I go back again ... and again ... and again.

When I cycle through an area, I see the road I've chosen to cycle and whatever is on either side of that road, and a little bit of the towns I go through. When I return to an area, and especially if I'm doing a hub-and-spoke tour there, I may cycle the same road I cycled before, but I will also cycle roads in all different directions around ... really exploring the area. I will return to the same towns, but I'll explore them rather than just cycling through. And I'll discover all sorts of things I didn't see when I cycled through the first time.

For example, I cycled through Toora in 2004 on the way to Wilson's Prom, and that is a pretty area. But there is absolutely no indication from the road that there is a fairly large beautiful waterfall over the hills just behind Toora. We spent a weekend in Toora last year to explore the area, and discovered that there is more to the place than I would have guessed!
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