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Originally posted by: jamawani

Didn't Thomas Wolfe say that you could never go back again?
And Hericlitus said you could never step into the same river twice??

If you return for the same experience, you are likely to be disappointed.
But if you return simply to enjoy anew, you can be pleasantly surprised.
I think you hit it exactly right. My wife and I have talked about this quite a bit and decided that you could take the same route, the same time of year, and with the same equipment; and have a completely different trip.

We do find ourselves revisting the Puget Sound areas, San Juan Islands, Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands and the Sunshine Coast of BC.

gulfislander, It is ironic that you come our way on your tours, and one of our favorite spots is in your neighborhood. It just shows that we are all really blessed to be living in the Pacific Northwest-- even including parts of California
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