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I also have received two backordered emails. I am a member at REI. I have decided to give it 90 days. I understand that this is an insanely long amount of time, but the deal is insanely good. I have heard other people say that their customer service reps they spoke to said they would be back in stock 02/08/2011 so who knows.

I think if you give it enough time the deal will pull through.

As for the scratch and dent sales. They are awesome. The bike stuff is usually really good because not as many people rush to the bike section. I have got lots of really good stuff for super cheap. About 7 different makes and models of saddles for 3 bucks each, a joe blow floor pump for 15, and a VDO Z1 bike computer 179 new for 6 bucks. Deals to be had for sure.
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