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Originally Posted by theramon View Post
I actually saw this deal elsewhere, and I jumped on it. I ordered a white set of Back Rollers on Jan. 11.

So far, nothing but a Backordered message and a couple of uninformed customer service reps. They said that cannot tell me when or even if they will ever arrive.
I thought maybe it was the color, so I asked if I could swap colors. They put me on hold and said I could do that, but the new cost would be $115. I said I'd wait and see.

Now I'm halfway thinking about buying them at full price at REI. Why? Because I've heard that REI will stand behind them years into the future. That and the member dividend brings the cost down a bit. Has anyone had any experience with this?
I guess I'm wondering if the extra cash is worth it.

On a side note, one of my local REIs is having a garage sale next weekend. Does anyone know what kinds of things they sell at these events?

Thanks in advance.
Why would you do that? When you get your panniers from Bestbuy assuming that they will ship them to you, you can't return them for money. Their policy for online orders suck. You can only exchange it for credit.
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