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Originally Posted by brokenrobot
For shame! Those thing make such nice commuters / grocery bikes...

What did you get off one that was worth transferring to anything else?!
Nothing really, except maybe the tires, the chain, and brake levers.

That's why you guys have made me feel bad. Like I spray painted a church or something..... I saw it in the thrift shop yard, and thought it would be cool to have the Schwinn headbadge to put on my Mondia (what the f#@k was I thinking?). Anyway, after I got it home I tossed it on the stand and things went a little too far. In an orgy of destruction I stripped it to bare bones, just because I could.

I desperately need absolution!!

The thing of it is (like most of us, I'm sure) I had a Varsity as a young lad. A bright and shiny electric blue 1969 or 1970 Varsity, and I loved the thing. It meant freedom, fun, adventure - everything to me. I and the other rats on the street pretty much toured all over the San Fernando Valley on them - we even rode them from Sepulveda to Griffith Park one day, and actually climbed up the road to the observatory. I especially remember the "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" coming down, when my mechanical speedo hit 40mph and my friend Alan went over the side when he missed a turn (both he and the bike were unharmed). When we got to the bottom, all our rims had red streaks around the circumferences where the brake pads had melted off.

What memories I have of me and my Schwinn, and I distinctly remember the night it was stolen, never to be replaced. I was devestated, but at the time new bikes were $100.00 and my dad could not afford to buy me another one. Shortly thereafter I was introduced to girls and forgot about rat-packing on bikes for a while.........

Crap, now I gotta go find a Varsity.........

John D.
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