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1974 Stronglight 49D Cranks / were some made smaller than 23.3?

I've researched Stronglight 49D and 49A cranksets pretty thoroughly online, including archived posts here.

Seeing as the steel version (49A) has a 23.0mm extractor thread (according to a thread here about a year ago), and that T.A. Cyclotouriste rings are compatible with 49D arms (and T.A.'s use 23.0mm extractors), is it possible that some 49Ds (alloy) were made with a 23mm thread rather than the standard, pre-1982 23.35mm Stronglight thread?

I ask because the J.A. Stein Stronglight extractor that I bought (labeled 23.3) for my 1974-ish 49D only grabs a couple of threads before binding, and I don't want to wreck an arm trying to force it. I tested a modern 22mm extractor, and it's loose. I'm considering exchanging the Stronglight tool for a T.A. tool, and I'm looking for confirmation that I'm not crazy.

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