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Thanks for the excellent reinforcement, unworthy1! I'm going to go ahead and try to exchange for the Stein T.A. tool. (These tools are SO damn expensive!)


Originally Posted by unworthy1 View Post
people have scoffed and gasped, but I swear on a stack of bibles that YES, such a thing does exist and I once had it! (and, oh yeah, UFOs are REAL!!!)
I stripped a French bike down to parts and sold them off to various folks. The Stronglight cranks went to a very well-known collector who used to post frequently on the CR list.
He contacted me before I removed them to ensure that I had the proper extractor, and so would not ruin his soon-to-be goods. I assured him that I did indeed have a genuine Stronglight tool AND I was very, very familiar with its use: I had used it at least a dozen times before (actually maybe more) and always with success, never stripped a thread yet and he had nothing to fear.
But, same scenario as with you: I knew exactly how that tool should feel and act when threaded into a Stronglight crank, and I was NOT getting good fit. Since I was being extra careful not to do the slightest injury to the threads I examined them again and again for any defects (none!) and kept trying...but I did not dare try to pull the cranks using that tool. Only would screw on a couple turns at most before binding.
Finally, with nothing to lose, I tried a TA extractor...perfect fit...perfect results...no stripping or thread deformation.
I thought this was curious enough to share with the buyer (bad move)...he just about blew a gasket and said that HE would examine the cranks and if he found ANYthing amiss then the deal was off and I'd owe him a full refund (and an apology both to him and the entire world for screwing up a rare artifact).
He got the crankset and I got nary a peep of protest from him.
So: yes, Virginia, there is a Stronglight 49D Clause.
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