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personally: I'd keep that tool and but a TA, too. IMHO you can't have too many tools and I own and use both. The cheaper option is to find an older park CCP-1 that has both TA and standard 22mm threads. That's been my favorite.
Kurt has a pic of it (on the LH) compared to 2 later versions (CCP-2 and CCP-4)
another thing you might consider: could be that yours (and mine) were just aberrations from a bad run at the factory, or it may be they are supposed to be 23.35mm and just squeaked by on the very tight end of the tolerances that day...if you do try a TA 23mm tool and think it's even a tiny bit loose, you might wrap a single turn of teflon plumbers tape on the tool and try it with that. I never had to use this trick (and can't endorse it) but others have and do...YRMV.

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