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I was absolutely happy with my Brooks, and back then I believed it was the end-all-be-all of comfort. I only tried the Specialized seats because I figured the whole Ergonomics revolution had probably made a few positive changes in seat technology during my 7 years on the Brooks. I even liked the way it looked on my bike:

I ended up with the Specialized Avatar, but I didn't mention that because I didn't want to sway your opinion one way or the other. Try ALL of them. I even tried 2 more saddles after the Avatar, but came back to it. I was even a little disappointed because they don't make the Avatar with Ti rails, and some of the other (Alias I think it was) was almost as perfect, but I figured I'd be able to lose a lot more than 20-40grams in body weight if my saddle was as comfortable as it could possibly be. As far as "looking" ridiculous, who cares?! Most of your time on the bike will be spent sitting on that seat, so no one can see it anyway. I wouldn't care if my Avatar looked like a pumpkin; comfort uber alles!

(Although I figured as long as they were available in white, I'd get one for my Peloton to0.)

And yes, you must buy a saddle before you can enter into their exchange program. I tried some Specialized saddles that were nearly $200, but ended up going with one less than $80 because my bum liked it better. Good luck and let us know how it works out for you.
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