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1951 Raleigh Dawn(?)

I've had this gem for about 24 hours now. I'm not 100% certain on the "Dawn" It has 26" wheels. It's a 1951 for sure, based on the serial number (17018-BD) and the hub date...

Beyond that, I'm not certain why it survived. It's pretty beat up (bent).

Due to the age, is it worth saving? AKA, fixing/restoring. The top tube and down tube are bent, as well as the fork. The cranks are also bent, I spent a little time making them a bit more straight, but they should likely be replaced. also. I had a hankering for a bike of this nature, should I just go shopping and find a good home for this one?

It does ride, the previous owner got it from her Uncle, she then stuck two tires and a new inner shift cable wire and chain on it. Why the bike shop allowed her to spend any money on it at that point is beyond me.

Small photo here:

The rest, full res are here:

Opinions, thoughts suggestions?
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