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I prefer to use numerous pairs of inexpensive gloves, to trying to find one pair that does it all. The expensive ones wear out just as fast for me, and having backup pairs saves me a lot of grief. Here is what I use:

40-50 degrees: standard poly or wool glove liners underneath my regular half-finger cycling gloves. Cheap ones from X-Mart are fine.

30-40 degrees, or below 50 degrees and raining: neoprene or wind-stop cycling gloves underneath standard half-finger cycling gloves.

20-30 degrees, or below 40 degrees with lots of wind: the option above, with a loose-fitting pair of standard poly fleece gloves over the top. Plenty warm and cozy. The under-layer cuts the wind, and the outer layer piles on the insulation.

Below 20 degrees, or below 30 degrees with snow/sleet: the last option, with a nylon lobster-claw type shell over it all. I just add another layer underneath the shell, for rides under 5 degrees.

Works great.

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