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Thanks for all the comments, we really appreciate them! C Tyler – your comments are a good starting point for writing the articles. As for “how to secure the camera to the bicycle so one can shoot while riding.” There are special camera holders that can easily be attached to the handlebars or frame. Our upcoming March “Guest photographer” has taken a number of great pictures with such a camera holder. “So, while it helps to have an explanation on lighting and composing the shot, I think it would be more helpful to discuss different strategies which might help people find a more creative way to pick a shot that better captures the essence of the location, the journey, and the rider. I know that is much harder to do, but you asked!” - Actually those are exactly the type of tips that we want to write. We aren’t really interested in writing about how to take a better landscape or architectural shot – there are a number of internet sites that explain that. We are planning on writing tips that help people capture more interesting / better bicycle touring shots. Right now we are cycling in Laos with a REALLY slow/bad internet connection. As soon as we come across a hotel with a fast wifi connection we will check out the other sites that were mentioned such as the three threads over photography on this forum and Keith Misegades site on Crazy guy on a bike.
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