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Originally Posted by jimmuller View Post
The nominal subject matter is the lake to the left. Many people would shoot it as "scenery". The real subject is the road. It beckons. It whispers "Come hither. See where I take you." There is a story before it and after it.

Can you teach people to shoot pics like that that?
That's probably one of the best applications of the "rule of thirds" that I've seen recently. The photog was able to apply it three dimensionally. JMO, but I see the subject matter as the activity of cycling, though I think we are saying the same thing overall.

It's an easy rule to understand, but difficult to properly apply in practice. As a technical tip, I usually widen the shot a bit so that I can crop it to the most pleasing part of the scene. It's not my idea, but rather a tip passed along to me years ago by a big format film photographer.

Such a great shot - is it yours Jim?

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