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Originally Posted by Plutonix View Post
Interesting, but which ones are you talking about - the Specialized Nimbus or the Michelin City Tires? I've seen almost nothing bad about the Nimbus; OTOH I cant recall seeing anything about the Michelins, but liked the size, tread, belt and price.

Most criticisms that a tire wont last 5 yrs dont faze me. I'm happy if I get 3 out of them before they pick up enough nails etc that they develop a hole or the bead starts fraying.
Two thumbs down on the Armadillos in this thread, both very credible sources (Meanwhile and 65er).

Meanwhile calls them the slowest tires in existence in this thread

He tends to overstate his opinions, but I got the impression that the Speciaized Armadillos are not the fastest tires available or the best in wet conditions. I haven't really had any complaints personally though. From my experience (as stated previously) they are very good for flat protection but possibly not very long lasting. The good news is you can keep riding hem for a long time after the rubber starts falling off.

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